Here at Goddard Law , we are so proud to be in the company of so many professional and qualified attorneys. While we work with personal injury clients and those who have been injured at work, we are happy to refer clients on to other attorneys when they need help in another legal area. Below are five highly rated family lawyers in West Virginia to whom you should for help with your family law matters.


Scales Law Office


When you take your family law case to Scales Law Office, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with some of the highest rated family lawyers in West Virginia. These two lawyers combined their 30 years of collective experience and opened their doors to help anyone with legal family issues.


Cinda L. Scales has been a family lawyer since 1989, and she currently teaches a business law course at Shepherd University. Stephanie E. Scales-Sherrin has been a lawyer since 2008. In addition to family law, she also practices in criminal law.


Scales Law Offices is located at 314 West John Street in Martinsburg. Currently they serve clients throughout Eastern West Virginia. They have also been known to take on cases involving visitors to the state who have found themselves in legal trouble while here.


Bottner & Skillman Attorneys at Law


When you are going through a legal matter covered under family law in West Virginia and you want an attorney who is compassionate and understanding, you may want to call Bottner & Skillman Attorneys at Law. These two attorneys focus on creating a comfortable environment for clients so they can confidentiality speak about the very personal nature of their cases.


These attorneys call themselves the “champions of the people” as they fight hard to uphold their clients’ rights throughout the legal process. In addition to family law, Bottner & Skillman also provide criminal defense to those who need it and can advise on filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy when using these measures for debt relief. They know that every client is different, and that each will require his or her own unique legal solutions to resolve disputes and move forward in life.


Serving the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, Bottner & Skillman are located at 116 W Washington Street in Charles Town, West Virginia.


Adams Legal Group,


Adams Legal Group, was established in 2011 and there is one thing they want their clients to know — they will litigate when necessary. They pride themselves on the fact that they are trial lawyers, which means that they will not accept low settlement offers or unfavorable divorce terms simply because they are scared to go to court. Instead, they represent their clients with integrity, dependability, and with a keen dedication to every case.


Adams Legal Group knows just how contentious divorces are, and how even the ones that start off amicably do not always end that way. They know when they need to pursue a case aggressively, and have the talent and the knowledge to instill faith in any client that they are the most competent family lawyers.


To back up those claims that they are some of the highest rated family lawyers in West Virginia, anyone with a family legal issue should know that they have an Avvo rating of 10.0, which is considered superb. They are also members of the Christian Trial Lawyers Association, and the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners.


Adams Legal Group, is also located right here in Morgantown at 68 Clay Street and they serve clients throughout West Virginia.


McPhail Law


At McPhail Law, you will meet Shari McPhail, who has dedicated her life to helping individuals with legal family matters. She does not take on any personal injury cases, workers’ compensation cases, or criminal cases, but chooses to immerse herself in West Virginia’s family legal statutes and apply them to any case she takes on.


Attorney McPhail understands that every divorce is as unique as the people involved. As such, she knows that the same solution is not going to work for everyone. It is for this reason that she advises clients on the many options they have including mediation and arbitration, but is ready to take the case to trial in the event that the two sides cannot work out an agreement.


Shari is joined in her office by Betsy Griffith, a lawyer that has been practicing family law since 2007. Attorney Griffith also has many qualifications in the field of family law, and has even argued before the Supreme Court of Appeals in West Virginia. She is also approved as a family law mediator and a guardian ad litem.


McPhail Law is located at 1084 Bethlehem Boulevard in Wheeling, West Virginia, where Shari has been for the past 15 years. She knows the people here, and she wants to help you with any family issue you need resolved.


Tipton Law Offices


Tipton Law Offices has been in operation since 2000, and they want you to know you are not just another case to them. Attorney Kevin T. Tipton knows West Virginians. He grew up in McDowell County as a coal miner’s son and went to law school at West Virginia University College of Law, where he graduated in the top third of his class.


Today, he applies the knowledge he gained to any family or criminal law case that comes across his desk. This is a big distinction in how Attorney Tipton works. Unlike other attorneys who sometimes pass work off to their paralegals or associates, any attorney in Tipton Law Offices is dedicated to working with you and giving you the personal, individualized attention you need, whenever you need it.


Tipton Law Offices is located at 316 Merchant Street in Fairmont, West Virginia, although he serves clients throughout the entire state.


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