WVU Ruby Memorial Hospital Medical Malpractice Attorney

Background on West Virginia University Ruby Memorial Hospital

Ruby Memorial Hospital, located in Morgantown, WV, is the largest hospital in the state. It handles most serious medical cases and patients are often transferred here in critical situations. As the major medical center for northern West Virginia, Ruby Memorial fancies itself as a top tier hospital, but attorney Dave Goddard believes it still has some shortcomings when it comes to providing care.

With over 1200 beds, WVU Ruby Memorial Hospital delivers modern healthcare but still struggles with issues of medical negligence at times. As the prominent hospital in a large region, Ruby Memorial handles a substantial number of major medical malpractice legal cases in West Virginia, whether the initial negligence occurred there or patients were transferred after incidents at other hospitals.


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Expertise in Medical Malpractice and Catastrophic Injury Law

Attorney Dave Goddard has over 25 years of legal experience focused specifically on medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury cases. He currently handles numerous active cases involving incidents and substandard care at Ruby Memorial Hospital specifically. As an experienced birth injury lawyer, Dave understands the stress families undergo when negligence leads to major health issues of a child or wrongful death of a loved one.

Dave takes an aggressive yet compassionate approach, providing dedicated one-on-one representation for clients throughout the legal process. He works directly with clients in a hands-on manner from the initial call up to trial or settlement as needed. Dave also focuses on quality over quantity of cases, pursuing only those he believes have strong merits rather than a high volume approach. This personalized method allows Dave to deliver the best possibility of success and maximum compensation for each client.

Why Choosing Dave Goddard is Critical for Ruby Memorial Hospital Cases

Medical malpractice claims involve combating major hospitals, health networks, and their insurance companies - entities with vast resources. To have a chance fighting negligent doctors, nurses, and healthcare corporations after an incident at Ruby Memorial, it takes an experienced trial lawyer like Dave on your side.

Navigating West Virginia’s complex medical malpractice laws also presents hurdles with rigid reporting standards and filings required before officially pursuing litigation. Then building a convincing case requires gathering exhaustive records, consulting closely with medical experts, and skillfully demonstrating how and why negligence occurred leading to damages suffered. This is where Dave's expertise proves invaluable.

Even with strong cases, insurance carriers typically deny claims initially and make low settlement offers. Dave refuses to back down or settle for less than fair value and will aggressively litigate if needed, taking on corporate legal teams to fight for client rights. His knowledge and determination deliver proven results, including multi-million dollar recoveries for clients in past cases.

Expertise in Birth Injury Cases Involving Ruby Memorial

As the state's largest and most advanced hospital, West Virginia University’s Ruby Memorial Hospital receives high-risk pregnancies and births, making it a common source of birth injury cases. Dave Goddard devotes his solo legal practice to protecting the rights of clients and families impacted by medical negligence and birth trauma, including incidents originating from Ruby Memorial.

With over 25 years of in-depth experience focused on medical malpractice, Dave possesses extensive qualifications regarding birth injury cases. He handles every aspect of complex birth trauma litigation personally and understands both the legal and medical issues these sensitive cases entail.

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Common birth injuries seen from Ruby Memorial include:

  • Brain damage/cerebral palsy from oxygen deprivation
  • Broken bones/brachial plexus injuries
  • Infant paralysis, permanent disability
  • Wrongful death

Dave manages every birth injury case completely on his own from start to finish, ensuring highly personalized legal counsel focused solely on client interests.

The legal process typically involves:

  • Reviewing the incident and establishing negligence
  • Collecting exhaustive records and evidence
  • Obtaining convincing medical expert testimony
  • Attempting settlement negotiation
  • Litigation if fair resolution isn’t achievable

Through compassionate support, meticulous investigation, and unrelenting demands for justice, Dave obtains maximal restitution for birth injury victims from Ruby Memorial Hospital and other healthcare providers.

Contact Goddard Law Immediately If You Have a Birth Injury Case

Attorney Dave Goddard delivers extremely dedicated legal representation to every client he takes on. His sole focus as an independent lawyer allows him to devote the time and attention necessary to build strong medical malpractice claims. If your family faces permanent damage from a Ruby Memorial Hospital birth case, contact Dave immediately for personalized counsel regarding your rights and options.