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Morgantown Personal Injury Attorney

Our elite law firm, Goddard Law PLLC, is located in Morgantown, West Virginia.

We have assisted countless victims and their families throughout West Virginia who have suffered injuries caused by another’s negligence.

Our Morgantown personal injury attorney stands above the rest; we protect the rights of the injured to receive the compensation they are rightfully owed for their losses.

Our experienced Morgantown personal injury attorney focuses on securing the results and justice that our clients are entitled to under West Virginia law.

Our firm offers considerable negotiation skills and battle-tested trial experience in all of our practice areas.

We will remain dedicated to you and your case so that you can focus on your health and complete recovery.

Personal Injury Cases

If you or a significant other has suffered from critical or disastrous injuries as a result of another party’s negligence, it can be overwhelming.

Medical treatment and rehabilitation can be extremely expensive and adapting to lifestyle changes can be challenging. Taking care of an injured loved one is both emotionally stressful and financially draining.

Our firm is highly skilled and experienced in numerous categories of civil and commercial litigation, and we help clients who have experienced car accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, burn injuries, truck accidents, nursing home abuse, and workplace injuries, among others.

In West Virginia, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, physical therapy costs, lost wages, and all other expenses resulting from your accident.

Your personal injury lawyer will help you prove the degree of your injuries so that you can receive the highest amount of compensation for your suffering, both economic and non-economic.

In some cases, you may even be able to receive punitive damages.

Employment Law Cases

As an experienced Morgantown attorney, we also routinely handle employment law cases.

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation at work, we are prepared to fight to protect your employment rights.

West Virginia law strictly forbids workplace discrimination based on the age (40 and older), sex, race, religion, disability (physical or mental, blindness), AIDS/HIV status, and even off-duty tobacco use.

Furthermore, federal law makes it illegal to discriminate based on the following national origin, citizenship status, and genetic information.

The Human Rights Commission strictly enforces state anti-discrimination laws throughout West Virginia.

It is crucial that you recognize your rights, as it will help you avoid being taken advantage of by an employer or coworkers.

Our experienced Morgantown employment lawyer will use his vast skills and extensive resources to fight for your rights as a worker in West Virginia.

Family Law Cases

The compassionate attorneys of Goddard Law PLLC assist clients with a variety of family issues, including child custody, divorce, separation, alimony, property division, domestic violence, adoption, marital agreements, modifications, and paternity disputes.

Family law cases can be extremely sensitive matters that should not be handled by just any attorney.

Our lawyers are dedicated to treating clients with the care and respect they deserve as well as achieving the best results possible in each case.

A Sample of Our Case Results

Our firm’s leading reputation and past performance speaks for itself. Goddard Law PLLC has successfully recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Some of our noteworthy case results include:

  • Our client suffered a compound leg fracture after a semi-truck lost control and struck a guardrail. While the trucking company’s insurer offered only $150,000, we obtained a $1.3 million jury verdict.
  • We obtained settlements in excess of $200,000 for a truck driver injured on an oil and gas drilling site.
  • We received a defense verdict in an auto accident claim in which the plaintiff claimed damages in excess of $2 million.
  • We negotiated a wrongful death settlement, on behalf of the family of a motorcycle rider involved in a collision with a tractor trailer, in excess of $1,000,000.
  • Settled an accounting malpractice and fraud case for the full insurance policy limits of over $400,000.

The above case results are just a small fraction of our successful track record.

Are You Looking to Hire an Experienced Local Morgantown Attorney?

David Goddard founded Goddard Law PLLC in 2012.

The law firm is dedicated to assisting the citizens of Morgantown, as well as West Virginia, in fighting for their rights.

Attorney David Goddard is highly skilled at negotiating and can greatly increase your chances of receiving a favorable resolution to your case, whether it is a settlement or a trial judgement.

Our firm has effectively recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured victims and their families throughout West Virginia.

We handle an extensive variety of personal injury cases, including burn injuries, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice,and nursing home abuse.

Additionally, we handle family law issues, such as divorce, child custody, and or paternity disputes.

We invite you to learn more about our specific practice areas by browsing our website or giving our office a call at (304) 933-1411.