Blow the Whistle on Government Waste

Our West Virginia Qui Tam attorneys protect and reward citizens who expose government waste.

“Qui Tam” is part of Latin phrase that loosely translates as “suing in the king’s name as well as for himself.” Many West Virginia laws and federal laws exist to protect against government waste and the abuse of governmental power. Per these statutes, a citizen who prevents or exposes such waste or abuse is entitled to recover a percentage of the savings or penalty. West Virginia Qui Tam laws also provide certain protections for the citizen who assists in exposing government waste.

The Qui Tam lawyers at Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC can help West Virginia citizens determine if they have a Qui Tam claim against the government. We work with whistleblowers to develop sound cases and prosecute those cases to the fullest extent of the law, while protecting and fully compensating those who come forward.

If you know about government waste or abuse in West Virginia, contact the whistleblower attorneys at Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC today. And we’ll work to ensure your honesty is its own reward.