At Goddard Law PLLC, we are happy to help our clients with their personal injury needs and workers’ compensation claims. However, although we know we cannot do everything, we still want to help those who need other types of legal services find the attorneys who are right for them. It is for this reason that we have put together the following listing of the five highest rated criminal lawyers in West Virginia. If you have run into legal trouble, consider reaching out to one of these excellent West Virginia criminal defense attorneys.


Gregory V. Smith, Esqu., J.D.


When you need a criminal defense attorney, why not hire one who has experience on both sides of the law? That is exactly who Attorney Gregory V. Smith, Esqu., J.D. is.


His expertise includes working as an Assisting Prosecuting Attorney in both Berkley and Jackson Counties. He has worked as a Senior Attorney in the Wayne County public defender’s office, and has also spent time as a public defender in Logan, Boone, Lincoln, Cabell, and Ohio counties. In total, Attorney Smith has nearly 25 years of experience practicing law. In addition to this, he has also spent over 10 years in law enforcement and corrections, including federal law enforcement.


With this vast knowledge of criminal law, Attorney Smith knows what the prosecution throws at defendants and how to refute their arguments. He is located in Martinsburg and serves clients throughout West Virginia.


Scott C. Brown Law Office


The professionals of Scott C. Brown Law Office place all of their focus on helping people. That is what they have been doing since 2004 when this Wheeling law practice opened its doors. Attorney Scott Brown was practicing law well before that, however, beginning in 1996.


Attorney Brown fights for the rights of his clients no matter what criminal legal matter they are facing. He understands that sometimes law enforcement gets it wrong, and that innocent people are accused every day. Attorney Brown wants to help.


In his spare time he has not only worked, but also served as president at the Soup Kitchen in Greater Wheeling. He has been committed to this work for 10 years, and he now sits on the board.


Attorney Scott Brown cares about people. He ensures that 24 hours a day, his phone is being answered by a real person who can actually help with any criminal legal issue. Those who are facing a legal issue and need help from one of the top defense attorneys can find the Scott C. Brown Law Office at 1600 National Road in Wheeling.


Frank Walker Law


Frank Walker is another criminal defense attorney who has dedicated his life to helping others, and he is located right here in Morgantown.


He knows that everyone has the right to a solid defense, which is why he has spent time working as a trial attorney for those who cannot afford to hire an attorney. After getting frustrated over turning clients away simply because of the hours they would be billed or because they were not able to pay, Frank Walker opened up his own law firm. Now, he is able to help even more people.


Today he spends his time doing just that. He speaks honestly with his clients about what he can do for them and helps them explore the many options they have. Anyone facing criminal charges who wants to speak with a criminal defense lawyer who cares can find him at 235 High Street in Morgantown.


Mountaineer Criminal Law Group


Do you have a really complex criminal case? Does it involve a homicide relying on the castle doctrine defense, a federal drug conspiracy, or a meth lab investigation? These are just a few of the types of criminal law cases the Mountaineer Criminal Law Group can handle.


While MCL may have intricate knowledge of detailed areas of law, they can also help anyone who is facing legal trouble. Handling everything from misdemeanors to federal crimes and expungements, the team of lawyers at MCL is there to give anyone charged with a crime a great chance of success in court. They are aggressive in ensuring that the rights of each and every client are upheld in court, and competently negotiate with the prosecution, when necessary.


When you need not just one experienced criminal defense attorney standing behind you, but an entire team, you can find them on High Street in Morgantown.


Kirkpatrick Law Office, PLLC


When you need a criminal defense attorney who is as knowledgeable as he or she is caring, you need to visit the Kirkpatrick Office, PLLC.


There you will meet Attorney David A. Kirkpatrick, who has dedicated his life to criminal law since his time at Washington & Lee University’s School of Law. He attended the school on a Thomas and Nancy Shepard Fellowship, an award given out to top law school students who promise to dedicate their first four years of practice to criminal law.


He is also a veteran who served as a company commander for the 492nd Replacement Company and the 554 Postal Company. He served four years in the United States Army Reserves, as well. Attorney Kirkpatrick loves serving his country and he continues to do it today by providing solid legal advice to those who need it.


When working with Attorney Kirkpatrick, clients can expect a compassionate listener and advocate who will aggressively refute the prosecution’s case in court. His law office, which he opened in 2011, is found at 348 North Kanawha Street in Beckley.


Have a Personal Injury Issue? Contact a West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer


At Goddard Law PLLC, we are proud to share the Mountain State with so many qualified and professional criminal attorneys. We are happy to refer clients to our colleagues when they come to us with a criminal matter. In the meantime, we place our focus on what we do best — being a qualified team of experienced personal injury lawyers in West Virginia.


If you have been hurt in an accident that was the fault of someone else, call us today at (304) 933-1411 or fill out our online form to learn more. Although not a criminal matter, this still a serious legal issue, and we want to help. Contact us today for your free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.


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