On September 30, a motorcyclist and a driver were involved in a collision on Williamstown Pike near Veterans Memorial Park. Reports from the Wood County Sheriff’s office and the Wood County 911 center reported that there were 2 people riding the motorcycle when the crash occurred and that there were 2 people in the car, who did not sustain any serious injuries during the accident.

According to the latest reports, the accident occurred when the motorcycle attempted to pass the car on the left side, at which point the car made a left turn, causing the motorcycle to collide with the driver’s door, throwing the motorcycle and its passengers off the bike and on an embankment near the roadway.

The roadway was temporarily shut down following the crash and both people who were on the motorcycle (a man and a woman from Parkersburg) were transported from the scene to Clark Medical Center. They were then flown to Morgantown to Ruby Memorial Hospital.


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