The oil and gas industry is thriving in West Virginia. The Marcellus Shale formation running from New York to Tennessee covers the vast majority of West Virginia. Most companies drilling into the Marcellus Shale use a horizontal drilling technique. After drilling vertically to the depth that reaches slightly above the Marcellus Shale formation, the drill bit turns horizontal into the Marcellus Shale, oftentimes at a depth of 5,000 feet or more. This allows companies to extract more natural gas from a single wellhead. Drilling of Marcellus Shale wells is a huge, and expensive, undertaking. These drilling operations generally take between 15 and 30 days, operating around the clock. Unfortunately, with a bustling work site and a crunched time frame comes the risk of serious injuries or even death.

When an employee is injured, his or her options to seek compensation from the employer is limited due to worker’s compensation laws. However, there are potential other avenues to seek recovery. West Virginia laws provide some avenues to seek recourse from an employer outside of the worker’s compensation system. These options are somewhat limited, but they are worth exploring. In addition, just because an injured employee’s options are limited with regard to seeking damages from their employer, that does not foreclose the possibility of seeking compensation from other entities on a well pad or fracking site.

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