The lawyers at Goddard & Wagoner PLLC have been handling nursing home abuse and neglect claims for years. Prior to forming Goddard & Wagoner PLLC, Dave Goddard and Eddie Wagoner both worked for a large law firm handling nursing home litigation defense. Doing so gave them an insider’s view into the operation of a nursing home, which now helps them represent nursing home residents and their families. While representing nursing home chains, the lawyers at Goddard & Wagoner worked with nursing home employees, risk managers, administrators, and corporate representatives in handling complex nursing home lawsuits. They talked with nurses’ aides, LPNs, and RNs. They met with medical directors and the directors of nursing. They worked with individuals involved in scheduling and the people responsible for chronic understaffing. They learned about the budgeting process, the desire for more patients, and the corners nursing homes cut to maximize their profit margins. In recent years, Goddard & Wagoner’s attorneys have represented ONLY those people who are injured or killed by nursing home abuse or neglect. No longer do they defend the companies which far too often place profits over people. They have settled dozens of nursing home cases, and they have taken nursing home cases from the very beginning of the litigation process all the way through trial, and even to the West Virginia Supreme Court on appeal. The Goddard & Wagoner attorneys’ experience, as well as their focus, caring, commitment and abilities, set them apart from the slew of attorneys advertising their services for nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Nursing home abuse and neglect comes in many forms. Whether it is a fall, bed sore (also called a pressure sore, pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer), broken bones, dehydration, malnutrition, infections, or wrongful death, we can help. We represent clients in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. If you or a loved one suspects nursing home abuse and neglect, call GODDARD & WAGONER today at (304) 451-3500 or visit us on the internet at